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Teacher Care Kits

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Educator Appreciation Kit

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Our November Kits

For Teachers by Teachers

Our team of QLD teachers saw a need to start looking after each other and our colleagues. Our goal is to help you find a better balance between work and life outside the school gates. To take those moments for yourself, guilt-free, and start looking after you.

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The inside of this box is beautiful. And a little extra are these stunning nail files! Definitely need to keep these in my desk instead of just ripping off the nail 😂. The candle smells like bubble gum, the lip balm feels amazing, the earrings are super cute, have a vinyl sticker for my iPad and the yoga sequence is completely doable before bed each night. 


Oooh my god!!! Thank you so much @teachercarekit ❤️ this was such a nice way to finish a very long day. I love the @pip.and.pepper earrings, I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. All the treats in @teachercarekit are divine😍


Love the Teacher Care Kit. Everything was of very good quality as well as being useful. It is lovely to get some luxury items. Love the earrings. Thank you for sending the box so quickly and thank you for presenting it so beautifully. Will definitely purchase again when I need another pampering.