Jess from simple colour beauty

Hi everyone! My name is Jess, and I am the artist and owner of simple colour beauty. Why simple colour beauty? I love creating work that is simple, colourful and of course beautiful. I am from Adelaide, and I am a teacher! Love when teachers support other teachers in all the ways! Thanks, ladies! I am currently relief teaching which means I have extra time for creating.


My business officially began when someone was helping organise a market and suggested I try it out. I started just selling original art in acrylic and watercolour. Since then I have focused on watercolour and creating prints along with original artwork. I later diversified into creating mandalas. Next came wood burning mandalas and then I moved into creating vinyl decals with my art.


I've got some ideas up my sleeve that are in the testing phase, so hopefully, that will end up successful. Follow me on Instagram to see more. Otherwise, I want to keep learning and trying new watercolour techniques. Continue to develop my youtube channel as well as creating some classes for Skillshare.


I have a few things to do for wellbeing and mindfulness, it really depends on my mood at the time and what I have the patience for. Any time is a good time for a Netflix binge session. I love creating or colouring in mandalas, I can get lost in creating mandalas for hours when in the right mood! I put on some essential oils and other some music or Harry Potter in the background while I create. I also love to do guided meditations to shut my mind up, well as best as I can anyway ;)

If you want to see what I get up to, some behind the scenes and more of my art, be sure to check me out on all the socials :)


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